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Family-owned and managed

TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK was founded by Eugen Rapp in 1978. Since then the company always kept on developing step by step according to customer needs and worldwide different market structures. Today a great variety of products and know-how, worldwide subsidiaries and over 1.400 employees prove the success of visionary thinking and pure diligence.

Mr. Rapp still works for the success of the company. In 2013 his two daughters Susanne Eberhardt and Stefanie Reich joined the company management. Together with the regional managing directors, they manage the fortunes of the entire TOX®-Group. By these means the owners seek to transport and live the philosophy of TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK worldwide.


Susanne Eberhardt
Eugen Rapp
Stefanie Reich

Managing directors

Three managing directors support the team leading TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK into a prosperous future.

Martin Knörle
Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Pfeiffer
Dietmar Weik

Our customers are our reference


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