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Pressing, Compressing, Flaring & Crimping

Application example for crimping

There are various pressing application possibilities for the TOX® equipment. Whether you need machinery for force-fitting, press-fitting, swaging, staking, flaring or forming, we can help. Combine your individual TOX®-system with the  System navigator.


Did you know that we have already produced press-system solutions for:


  • Sensitive pressing for pizza dough
  • Raw cheese dehydration
  • Forming chicken nuggets & fish filets
  • Preforming green compacts/bodies (blank sinter parts)
  • Pressing lenses for eyeglasses
  • and many more

What can we do for you?

There are additional techniques to create connections with different materials. It does not matter what or how you want to produce:


  • Sheet metal
  • Tubes, rings and hoses can be crimped
  • Full ts, bolts
  • cable trains
  • collar beading
  • crimp connections
  • and many others...

... we have a big knowledge in crimping or flaring applications.

TOX® Pressing Equipment

Below is a list of TOX® equipment that can be used for pressing applications:



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